Freelance Success From a Beginners Point of View

Who doesn't want to experience freelance success very early on in their career?

There are many reasons why so many writers switch professions later in life, and decide that they like working from home more.

The reality is that any writer can experience freelance success very early in their careers, but it is hard. It takes a lot of writing, a lot of marketing, and it takes dedication.

Not one freelance writer can say that they do not want to experience freelance success. 
Why wouldn't they? 

The benefits are great when they are there, and any person can start their freelance businesses with a little bit of help. 

But, if things were this simple, then every single writer would be famous, or successful. So, why aren't they?

Looking at the time that I invested in taking my career off of the ground, minus the time that I actually started making money from my work, these two vary significantly. It took me more than just a few months to make the kind of money that I am making right now, and it took me even longer to get my business to where it is right now.

One of the benefits of being a freelance writer is just that: you can take your time to build your business, and you can make money from other sources such as content mills until you get your first private clients.

So, why isn't every writer making money?

I know that it takes a while to make a good living as a freelance writer. Why? The process isn't automatic. Just because you started a blog, it doesn't mean that you are going to start making money from your work right away. There are many things that writers have to learn first, such as: marketing skills, how to connect and reach your targeted audience, how to promote your work THE RIGHT way. 
If writers are really serious about making a living off of their work, then they have to do all of this, or at least a portion of this to start out with, and many do not do it. 

The definition of success for a lot writers, is being able to achieve their business goals within a year since they start to work on them. 

In order for any writer to achieve success, they have to be able to put the effort into their work. If writers are lucky, and work hard enough, they will be able to increase traffic to their blogs or websites and be able to generate a steady source of income from it. 

This shows what it takes to have freelance success in the beginning of a writing career. 

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