Breaking into the Freelance Business

Freelancing can be a gift. Truly, it can. However, for far too many writers (especially newbies) it can be tough.

Let's face it, it can be hard to find those long-term paying clients.

I should know, it took me 6 months to find mine, and to this day, it can still be tough to find more long-term paying clients.

Breaking into the freelance business shouldn't have to be tough. There are ways to make freelancing fun, and even enjoyable all the meanwhile trying to make that FIRST paycheck!

Here are some things that I learned (I'm still learning), and have gotten me through some tough times.

1. There WILL be slow times.

First things first. I think it's safe to say that freelancers will go through tough times. There will be moments of doubt, pain, sleep deprivation and even failure. Freelancing is funny that way. While the thought of FINALLY being your own boss is exhilarating and contagious, it can also have its "seasons".

By seasons, I mean days, weeks or MONTHS of little to no business. I've had those. They are not fun. Too many people go into freelancing for the money. Not for the passion. It's something that I often wish people would reflect on when the hard times hit. Think about it, if you are not willing to stick it out through the slow months, even though you LOVE writing, freelancing may not be for you.

Few of the writers I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to have often told me that if writing/blogging wasn't their passion, they would have given up a LONG time ago. I can't tell you just how honest that is.

And, it's true.

If writing/ blogging wasn't my passion, I would have gone into another career a long time ago, also. But it is. There is not a morning that I don't wake up looking to get my hands on my computer and start typing right away. This is also why I'm thankful for my freelance schedule (which I'll get to in a moment)/

So, think about that.

2. Not every client will pay you, your worth.. At first.

When I first started networking and marketing my "freelance business" and I say that loosely because now that I look back at it, it was basically this very blog with ONE page, and my contact information; I had to work hard, and I do mean HARD to get people to trust me with their work.

My very first job was less than $100, for over 20 articles *cringe!*
yup, I did not think I could charge more. Saddest part, I did not think I could raise my prices.

When I finally decided to raise my prices, I felt good. I was determined, I was ready and I took the plunge...

HAHA.. Can you guess what happened next?

If you guessed that I LOST a few clients, you would be correct! I lost 3 out of 5! YUP! That HURT!

People were so accustomed to paying me what THEY thought the work was worth, that they weren't think about what I was worth. So, I knew I had to change that, and quick!

I raised my prices, hit the payment HARD and found new clients, and right away, set my prices and STUCK to my decision. Out of 3 new clients that I had connected with ONE of them stayed long-term. At MY price!

It felt good.

There will always be clients who wont agree with your prices/ terms. However, when you know what you want to charge, and you work on your business seriously, the right clients WILL find you.

3. Set a Flexible Schedule that will Fit your Routine

As I explained earlier in the post about my freelance schedule, you should have one!
Setting a freelance schedule will basically help you tackle upfront a lot of headaches and pain.
It can be a bit hard starting a freelance business at first. I had trouble adjusting because I knew I no longer had a 9-5 schedule, but that also meant I had to worry about ALL of the other hours in the day..

Its true. If you are working with locals (people in your own town/ city/ state), it will be A LOT easier for you to stick to a schedule. But let me tell you, that schedule becomes a LOT harder to maintain when you start working with people outside of your state. People that have a different time zone.

My schedule basically revolves around two main things; my son, and school.

I'm pretty lucky that my son and I have the same school schedule the majority of the week.

When I set my freelance schedule, I made SURE to put that I work on Pacific time. This means, my clients can expect my work to be delivered in MY time zone.

Setting a specific time to work on your business can save you a lot of time and frustration in the near future.

While working around the clock seems like a great idea, or marketing your business because "the more you get out there, the more clients you can grab" is in fact a possibility, remember you are self-employed. You have to take care of yourself.

When I started working I worked 12-16 hour days, trying to do everything in a single day. I knew I HAD to make this work. I didn't have any other source of income other than two short-term clients, and I have a family to think about.

I knew I had to make money. But I didn't know I could break up all of the small tasks I had to do and work during the week. That though actually never crossed my mind.

In the beginning it may seem like time is going REALLY slow. You may need to really market your services in social networks, websites and in-person meetings. But remember, you don't necessarily have to do everything in one day. Don't be afraid to spread your work over a week, and give yourself a break.

While we get paid as much as we work, It will also do us no good, if we get sick and cant work.

I honestly didn't expect this post to be so long.. Because well, I didn't think that I would have so much to say... So, I'll leave this post like this, and post a Part-2 later.

What 2016 has in Stored for Me

Hello there!

I know its been a while since I visited this blog, and wrote a new post. Since I am revamping all of my blogs, breathing life into my freelance career, and ultimately hoping to grow as a freelance writer this year, I thought that now would be the perfect time to re-visit this blog and get some writing done and out of the way.

What i've been up to...

This past year has been nothing short of a whirlwind for me.

To begin, I have officially finished with school, and I have completed a degree/ certification that I have long awaited. Today, as I write this, I am officially a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, and I am quite proud of myself.

I even got a certificate and everything!

Not only have I been able to achieve this goal in a super short amount of time (less than a year), but now i'm really finding out what it takes to balance my freelance career along with my "school" career.

Its been a struggle, like I said I have been gone for quite a while, but I also know that this is something that I have been wanting to achieve for a long-time now, and I am SUPER glad that I am finally done!!!!

Changes so far...

So far there really hasn't been much of a change when it comes to my freelance career, and working outside of the home, really. In fact, it has not been exactly the same in terms of time and money, BUT I do have more wiggle room to focus on other adventures in my career such as: projects, collaborations and I have even been working on a few book ideas..

The one thing I am particularly looking forward to is really diving into my new career, and writing all about it!

Freelancing and more... 

This year I am planning on taking on more work than last year, and I am also planning on getting more work done. Not only online, but in printing too.

I am planning on being smarter about my business, and taking things further by making this business a household name!

I am very much looking forward to this year (seeing as how it is already February), and everything that it has to offer!

If you guys are looking for a freelance writer, like I said- I'm available!

So, check out my services and contact me ASAP!

How to Start a Freelance Business When You are Broke

If you have a passion for writing and want to turn it into a career, then becoming a freelance writer might be the perfect fit for you. However, getting started as a freelance writer can be overwhelming, especially if you're on a budget. Don't worry, though! In this blog post, we'll give you ten ways to get started as a freelance writer without breaking the bank.
  1. Determine your niche and target market: Before you start looking for clients, it's essential to identify your writing niche and target market. This will help you tailor your writing to your specific audience and find clients who are looking for your particular skillset.

  2. Create a portfolio: To showcase your writing abilities, create a portfolio of your best work. You can publish it on a personal website or on platforms like Medium or Contently. A strong portfolio will help you land clients and demonstrate your writing style.

  3. Join freelance writing platforms: There are numerous freelance writing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, that can help you find clients. Joining these platforms is free, and they provide you with access to a pool of potential clients.

  4. Network on social media: Social media can be an excellent way to connect with potential clients and other freelance writers. Join writing communities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and engage with them. Share your work and participate in discussions to build your network.

  5. Pitch to online publications: Many online publications accept submissions from freelance writers. Research publications that align with your writing niche and submit your work to them. Not only will this help you build your portfolio, but it can also lead to paid writing opportunities.

  6. Create a website: A website can be an effective tool to promote your writing services and showcase your portfolio. You can create a basic website using platforms like WordPress or Squarespace, which offer free and paid options.

  7. Offer your services to friends and family: Let your friends and family know that you're a freelance writer and offer your services to them. You can write blog posts, website content, or social media posts for them. Not only will this help you build your portfolio, but it can also lead to referrals.

  8. Attend writing workshops and conferences: Writing workshops and conferences can be a great way to learn new skills, connect with other writers, and gain exposure. Many conferences offer early bird discounts or scholarships, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.

  9. Write guest posts: Writing guest posts for blogs and websites can help you reach a wider audience and build your portfolio. Research blogs and websites that align with your writing niche and reach out to them with your ideas.

  10. Be persistent: Finally, becoming a successful freelance writer takes time and persistence. Don't get discouraged if you don't land clients right away or if you receive rejections. Keep honing your craft, building your portfolio, and networking, and eventually, the right opportunities will come your way.  

In conclusion, getting started as a freelance writer on a budget is possible. By following these ten tips, you can build your portfolio, connect with potential clients, and start earning income as a freelance writer. Remember, success in freelance writing is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep at it, and you'll see the results. Good luck!

Start Your Freelancing Career in Five Simple Steps

As many eager writers start on their path to become freelance writers and start their own business, it seems to me that many often think too much or rethink this decision based on the fact that they do not see the "perks" of this job.

One of the things that turns most freelancers away from being full time writers is having to invest the time to do the proper research, having time to write and having time actually start making connections in all of the right places.

Here are five simple ways that freelancers can start their career and making money!

In the beginning of any career, most people find out that all they do is work but not make any "real" money. Making small amounts of money is quite simple, especially for any writer, but there comes a time, when most people want to see themselves making at least a two or three thousand dollars a month for their hard work.

I have been one of those writers that have gotten so lost in between multiple searches and information that I really did not know that starting my freelance career and/or business is simple and writer do not need to invest too much time reading different versions of the same articles. 

  1. First of all, before any writer starts they have to think about what do they want to do. Do you want to own your own website or write on your own blog? Do you want to make a little bit of quick money and write on content mills and start your portfolio? In reality, many freelance writers start out just like this: writing on content mills to build their portfolio, however, many of them stop when they choose to chase or apply for other online jobs which will give them more money. This is up to you.
  2. Once you set your mind towards what you want to do, just begin to research only those things that are interested in. If you are interested in writing for private clients, then your best bet is to sign up for bidding sites to start looking for good to great jobs. 

I recommend: 

    •, E lance and, these are great sites to find jobs and they always have jobs for beginners where people actually make a profit!
    • If you are interested in content mills, then you might want to start off in Helium (great money maker), Triond (perfect for beginners), and even Hubpages. This site is harder than the others but once you get started, the money is amazing!
    • If you want to blog for a living then Blogger is your best bet, then there is Wordpress, this is a harder blog to work, at least for me, but I've heard that those that use it have a lot of great experiences with it! Sign up for Adsense and start driving hard traffic to your blog. Marketing helps a ton! 
    3. If you are already doing these things, then the next step is to just keep on writing. This is a job that if taken seriously it can make you a lot of money. Also, Learn SEO and learn it well. Learn all about the best and highest paying keywords around and put them in your work! This is one of the best ways to make money all the time!

    4. Make a work schedule and stick to it! This is perhaps one of the most important parts about being a writer. Although we can work from home, this job is not easy, can be demanding but this can also mean we can be distracted easily!

    5. Finally and the most important part of all, make sure you put yourself out there! The most important part about being a freelancer is being able to connect with other people and being able to get people to read and take an interest in our writing. So get out there and start making writing buddies!

    I hope this helps someone!

    Freelance Success From a Beginners Point of View

    Who doesn't want to experience freelance success very early on in their career?

    There are many reasons why so many writers switch professions later in life, and decide that they like working from home more.

    The reality is that any writer can experience freelance success very early in their careers, but it is hard. It takes a lot of writing, a lot of marketing, and it takes dedication.

    Not one freelance writer can say that they do not want to experience freelance success. 
    Why wouldn't they? 

    The benefits are great when they are there, and any person can start their freelance businesses with a little bit of help. 

    But, if things were this simple, then every single writer would be famous, or successful. So, why aren't they?

    Looking at the time that I invested in taking my career off of the ground, minus the time that I actually started making money from my work, these two vary significantly. It took me more than just a few months to make the kind of money that I am making right now, and it took me even longer to get my business to where it is right now.

    One of the benefits of being a freelance writer is just that: you can take your time to build your business, and you can make money from other sources such as content mills until you get your first private clients.

    So, why isn't every writer making money?

    I know that it takes a while to make a good living as a freelance writer. Why? The process isn't automatic. Just because you started a blog, it doesn't mean that you are going to start making money from your work right away. There are many things that writers have to learn first, such as: marketing skills, how to connect and reach your targeted audience, how to promote your work THE RIGHT way. 
    If writers are really serious about making a living off of their work, then they have to do all of this, or at least a portion of this to start out with, and many do not do it. 

    The definition of success for a lot writers, is being able to achieve their business goals within a year since they start to work on them. 

    In order for any writer to achieve success, they have to be able to put the effort into their work. If writers are lucky, and work hard enough, they will be able to increase traffic to their blogs or websites and be able to generate a steady source of income from it. 

    This shows what it takes to have freelance success in the beginning of a writing career. 

    My Best and Worst Work so Far

    By now, Helium contributors have heard the news that Helium is shutting down on December..

    Tragic news for those of us, who are not only avid contributors to the site, but also freelancers who earned a living working on the website. 

    Needless to say, the site has seen better days.

    Today, I wanted to share with you guys some of my most popular work on Helium, and other pieces that were not bad, but I (Almost) forgot about it. 

    Am I proud of this... NO! 

    This is why I'm sharing them!

    As I have shared before, I wrote about many topics on Helium.

    From freelance writing, to parenthood, education, and even relationships. Some of my favorite articles were also some of my most popular articles, while others, simply caught dust..

    Before the website shuts down, I wanted to share some of my best work, and even those articles I wish I could take back. 

    Most Popular articles so far..

    I have hundreds of articles on Helium, but a few of my most popular articles are not about freelancing at all. Instead, on this site, I chose to write a little about other topics such as family and relationships, and education.

    This became one of my most popular articles, not because of the title, but because a lot of people related to the topic of education, and what it meant to them.

    Sometimes with these articles, the title may not tell precisely what the topic is about, this is why so many people loved it. It was not just the definition of education, but how people might interpret it.

    As you can tell, I ask a lot of questions in my blog posts. So, needles to say, this topic was very interesting to me. 

    I loved that those who read this article found it as interesting as I did. I can tell, because I received a lot of feedback on this article, and I still do, even after years of having published it. 

    This article in particular drew both praise and criticism.. But apparently, there was more praise than criticism because not only did it make it to my top 20 popular articles, but it also created traffic to other articles I wrote on other websites. 

    I come from a small family, with a large family tree, so I really had to think about this one.. Although this was my personal opinion, I really loved how brides-to-be and brides who walked down the aisle told me their experiences planning their wedding and the dreaded budget. This article opened my eyes to all kinds of information about planning weddings, and staying on budget. But most importantly, keeping families happy, which btw, many brides seem to stress out the most about this part.

    When I wrote this, I honestly did not think too much about what I was going to learn from this article. I thought I knew the answer before I wrote this article, but I was Oh, so wrong! 

    These jobs have survived the bad economy, and the changing times. To this day, people still search for this particular article, to generate ideas for their possible future careers. 

    So, here are my top favorite, and most popular articles.. 

    But, I'm not done yet!...

    There are other articles that are not so popular and did not make it to my list of favorites. Not because they did not get any views, but because honestly, I was trying to write out of my comfort zone, and it might have backfired.. A little..

    This was a piece I was hoping would attract a lot of attention because of the timing of the article, but I think too many writers wrote about the exact same thing.. 

    I thought I would give Valentines' day a spin for those of us who think of the environment, but obviously it did not work.

    At the time I wrote this particular article, I was in college taking a philosophy class with a very pleasant teacher. A little bit before the semester ended, my teacher could no longer teach the class, so another teacher came in to finish the semester.

    I got the feeling I was the only student not understand the new teacher... I still think I was the only teacher who did not understand that teacher. 

    I honestly believe that teachers read this article...

     Unless you absolutely do not like your roommate, you might like this article. Apparently, many roommates do not like each other..

    So, here they are!

    My best work and those that I wished I could re-write or erase, but to be honest, they all worked in their own way. Some not as much as others though..


    NEW Additions for the NEW Year!

    This year has been FULL of amazing opportunities.

    I am so impressed with everything that has happened, that I have decided to expand my business further, and cut back a bit. 


    2013 brought on A LOT of changes that I LOVED! And it also made me realize, just how much more I would love to get done -if I had more time- each month!

    I LOVE helping people establish their brand online, and helping new freelance writers start their careers, now I want to really focus on expanding my coaching services, and maybe add a few classes on the way!

    Since I am going to be doing more coaching sessions, I may not have time to keep up with all of my clients, and continue to work as hard on my other freelance services. 


    I will be expanding a few other treats along the way!


    Brand new TWITTER ACCOUNT!

    I have been going back and forth on this A LOT. And I do mean A LOT! I have been focusing on the better part of my freelance services mentoring others, and helping writers start their own businesses, AND working much harder on growing the readership of my blog. 

    The results have been AMAZING! So many people have stopped by and have helped me create some amazing new blog posts, and at the same time, helped me expand my blog much more!

    You guys can now find my NEW twitter account for my blog BEYOND WORDS on Twitter @BWordsBlog!

    This is all about freelancing, coaching, and FREE tips on all of your favorite topics.


    What is that one thing that I always talk about??
    OH YEAH!

    My very first book is coming out!


    My FIRST e-book will be available in January, and my followers will be able to download it for FREE next year! 2014!

    There are a lot more changes coming up, and I really hope all of my followers love them as much as I am going to!

    So, if you havent already, head on over to my blog connected to this website, and FOLLOW ME today, to get free goodies!

    See you there! 

    ~To your success! 

    Breaking into the Freelance Business

    Freelancing can be a gift. Truly, it can. However, for far too many writers (especially newbies) it can be tough. Let's face it, i...