How to make your Blog/ Website count!

Since the popularity of this blog has been slowly growing, and a number of writers have loyally been following my work, I thought I would spice up this particular post on my blog, and expand on the subject.

One of the things that many freelancers often worry about, is how they are going to get traffic to their blogs or their websites. When freelancers first start working, it is no secret that promoting themselves and their work takes time and patience, since there are already so many freelancers out there.

Being a freelancer can be easy, but taking a business from the ground up can be hard, and many find this part extremely difficult. The one thing that freelancers can do in order to make their blogs or websites count is be different with them.

There are hundreds of freelancers on the web, and this can make "standing out" a bit harder. Most of the time, freelancers are in such a tight budget that they are not able to buy a domain, and so they stick to using blogs or free websites. This is fine, but ultimately, it is not where you write, but how you promote yourself .

When it comes to promoting your work, or you as a freelancer, it is always best to start small. I've seen one too many freelancers thinking that they can take their work from 0 to 60 in a week, it is possible, but you can also burn out just as fast. When it comes to promoting your work or your name, it is always best to start out by writing articles that best describe you.

One of the things that works for the majority of writers is to write their bio in second-person view. This means talking about themselves as if they were writing about someone else. This is a great way to make any website or blog count the most, because it will give it a more personal touch to it.

We've all heard about social networks and sharing our blog posts online and so on.. But this is just part of what it takes to keep the attention on your blog and keep people coming back to read your articles. If you really want to impress your readers and keep them coming back, spice up your blog a bit and show off a bit of what makes you fun and interesting as a person.

Most freelance writers get so caught up on marketing their writing, that they forget that most clients will want to get to know them personally too. In this case, many writers just put up a picture or two of themselves or their families in their blogs or websites. This can work, however, writers need to be careful not to divulge too much information about themselves to keep some privacy.

Just think about this question: what do you want to see on a freelancers profile? What sticks out the most?

When you answer this question, take a look at your own blog(s) and how you feel when you look at it. I'm always changing the look on my blog(s) because I feel like they can always be better. Between adding, substituting, and linking my work to every place I write, I find myself being glued to my computer. But then, the results (my earnings) show just how hard I've been working.

So, take a look at your blog and make it count. You never know who will become your next big client because of it!

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