My Best and Worst Work so Far

By now, Helium contributors have heard the news that Helium is shutting down on December..

Tragic news for those of us, who are not only avid contributors to the site, but also freelancers who earned a living working on the website. 

Needless to say, the site has seen better days.

Today, I wanted to share with you guys some of my most popular work on Helium, and other pieces that were not bad, but I (Almost) forgot about it. 

Am I proud of this... NO! 

This is why I'm sharing them!

As I have shared before, I wrote about many topics on Helium.

From freelance writing, to parenthood, education, and even relationships. Some of my favorite articles were also some of my most popular articles, while others, simply caught dust..

Before the website shuts down, I wanted to share some of my best work, and even those articles I wish I could take back. 

Most Popular articles so far..

I have hundreds of articles on Helium, but a few of my most popular articles are not about freelancing at all. Instead, on this site, I chose to write a little about other topics such as family and relationships, and education.

This became one of my most popular articles, not because of the title, but because a lot of people related to the topic of education, and what it meant to them.

Sometimes with these articles, the title may not tell precisely what the topic is about, this is why so many people loved it. It was not just the definition of education, but how people might interpret it.

As you can tell, I ask a lot of questions in my blog posts. So, needles to say, this topic was very interesting to me. 

I loved that those who read this article found it as interesting as I did. I can tell, because I received a lot of feedback on this article, and I still do, even after years of having published it. 

This article in particular drew both praise and criticism.. But apparently, there was more praise than criticism because not only did it make it to my top 20 popular articles, but it also created traffic to other articles I wrote on other websites. 

I come from a small family, with a large family tree, so I really had to think about this one.. Although this was my personal opinion, I really loved how brides-to-be and brides who walked down the aisle told me their experiences planning their wedding and the dreaded budget. This article opened my eyes to all kinds of information about planning weddings, and staying on budget. But most importantly, keeping families happy, which btw, many brides seem to stress out the most about this part.

When I wrote this, I honestly did not think too much about what I was going to learn from this article. I thought I knew the answer before I wrote this article, but I was Oh, so wrong! 

These jobs have survived the bad economy, and the changing times. To this day, people still search for this particular article, to generate ideas for their possible future careers. 

So, here are my top favorite, and most popular articles.. 

But, I'm not done yet!...

There are other articles that are not so popular and did not make it to my list of favorites. Not because they did not get any views, but because honestly, I was trying to write out of my comfort zone, and it might have backfired.. A little..

This was a piece I was hoping would attract a lot of attention because of the timing of the article, but I think too many writers wrote about the exact same thing.. 

I thought I would give Valentines' day a spin for those of us who think of the environment, but obviously it did not work.

At the time I wrote this particular article, I was in college taking a philosophy class with a very pleasant teacher. A little bit before the semester ended, my teacher could no longer teach the class, so another teacher came in to finish the semester.

I got the feeling I was the only student not understand the new teacher... I still think I was the only teacher who did not understand that teacher. 

I honestly believe that teachers read this article...

 Unless you absolutely do not like your roommate, you might like this article. Apparently, many roommates do not like each other..

So, here they are!

My best work and those that I wished I could re-write or erase, but to be honest, they all worked in their own way. Some not as much as others though..


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