August is HERE!

Hello Everyone!

August is here, and it brought a lot of change. This year has been amazing. I have enjoyed working along side many new freelance writers, bloggers and helping them expand or create their business!

As many people know, I have been working hard on helping as many writers as I can create their own business, and start making the income that they deserve. Because of the HUGE success I have experience this year, I have decided to update my business hours, and add a new service to my business!

New work hours:

Mon and Wed 5 pm -8 pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7 am - 10 am

New Services!

WOW! This year has been incredible, and I am still growing!
Many writers have been asking me if I am still working on my book. The answer is YES, and it will be published at the end of this year, and people will be able to buy it Next year, and next year, I will be focusing more on my blog, and adding more posts to it!

One of the newest services I now offer is Book Outline.

Book Outline is not hard, but I understand that the reason why so many writers have a hard time writing a book, or finishing their project is because they have so much information that they do not know how to add it to their project.

Book outlining is simple! Its all about outlining the book making process, creating a clear pathway to your ideal book, and Outlining each idea, and if necessary, each chapter!

Here is what I offer:
  • Organization: let me help you get organized, outline each chapter and section of your book, write down notes, and research for your book, 
  • Writing down ideas for each section of your book, including pictures
  • Whats your book about? provide you with an outline of your first chapter, including a brief summary of the book for your first page. 
  • When do you want to publish it? Create a firm schedule that will help you and me stay on track, and publish your project on time! Even better, help you stay ahead of schedule
  • Do you need help writing your book? I can take notes, and even come up with ideas while you work on finishing your book!
There may be many reasons why you cannot finish such an important project, but organization should not be one of them!

When I first started writing my book, it took me a year just to get the outline done, and it was not until this year 2013 that I finally started putting the finishing touches on it! Trust me, it takes work, and dedication but it can be done (and within a year!). I have learned so much, and I can help you!

E-mail me for a free consultation as soon as possible, and a free quote and lets start working on your project!

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