Freelancing: It Started As An Idea

As I’m expanding my freelance career to become a more established freelance writer, I am expanding my blog and adding a website to promote my work in several freelance web sites, I see the numerous changes that are coming my way, and are already here. But these changes weren’t always in my mind, and I didn’t think about making this my career until recently. Becoming a freelance writer was an idea that I had a few months back, when I became a mother.

As the idea of being a mother can scare any woman, for me it lit a fire inside that made me want to use my writing skills and make money off of them. But it wasn’t as simple as it sounds to make money online, a person has to go though several steps, or in my case hundreds of steps to see, check and double check what writing sites are legitimate, which work and which didn’t. Being a freelance writer was a step I decide to take to have something that I knew could help my family in some way. This was a step towards my career that I did not think it would work at first; all I could do was try to make something out of it.

As I started to search the net for ideas on how to make money online, freelancing was just that: an idea.

 I didn’t think much of it until I kept seeing just how much information there was online about this business, and how many people loved their job, including mothers! Online I found hundreds, and I do mean hundreds of people that were into the same business as I was, and were making ends meet in their homes, and some were even making more than what they desired through several online companies. From here on, my freelance idea became more to me. It wasn’t just an idea anymore, it was like an obsession to me, and I knew that, that is what I wanted to do; now I just had to make it happen. As I began my quest to find out as much information as I could about the types of freelance businesses, and about the people that did this for a living, I kept seeing the same thing come up over and over again: blogs and freelance writing sites.

As I searched for the best writing sites, and the worst there were plenty of people online to guide me through what I though was endless lists of money making ideas! I knew this was something that I could not only build for myself, but share with my family.

Freelance writing to me, was something that took time, effort and most importantly PATIENCE. This is something that every freelance writer, journalist or businessperson will tell anyone else looking for information, but its true. A person cannot expect to make something happen for them right away. It takes time for this process to happen, and it takes even longer to be successful online. 

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